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Earth Day is Here! Celebrate with FREE Kindle download KYLIE'S CONCERT all about saving the forest

Earth Day is Here! Celebrate with FREE Kindle download KYLIE'S CONCERT all about saving the forest

Add to your child's FREE Kindle library with download of KYLIE'S CONCERT April 19, 20 or 21 only. Journey to Australia and encourage the Pursuit of Goals! It's all about ecology and learning about Earth Day and saving the Australian forests.


Kylie's Concert.
Kylie's Concert.
PRLog (Press Release) - Apr 19, 2012 -
KYLIE'S CONCERT  Serious reading for children ages 5-8

In an earlier book, KYLIE'S SONG, a young koala with a dream discovered that "you can do most anything if you try."  Kylie learned to sing, and her music brought joy to all her forest friends.

Now in KYLIE'S CONCERT, it is time for Kylie to say goodbye to those friends - even to her very best friend, Willy Wagtail.  She must leave the security of her eucalyptus tree to follow the forest path and a new dream.  On her journey, Kylie will meet some of the most unusual creatures of the Australian wilderness - among them the echidna, the tree kangaroo, and the tawny frogmouth.  She will see the forest's treasures and learn its secrets.  And she will be warned of a terrible danger threatening the forest world.

In this Kylie book, author Patty Sheehan has once again created a world of magic and meaning.  As childen travel with Kylie through the enchanting Australian wilderness, they will learn about the importance of taking care of our natural world.  And they will discover with Kylie that by nurturing their own dreams, they may make their greatest contributions to others.

Celebrate EARTH DAY with this inspiring story that children ages 5-8 will want to read again and again on their Kindle text only.


Give children time each day to tell about the things they enjoy doing and care about.
Have children list as many things as they can that they would like to do in their lives.

Don’t say: “Oh, that’s just your imagination,” or “You’re just dreaming.” Do say: “You have a wonderfully creative imagination,” and “Your dreams can come true in surprising ways.”

Model self-confidence and develop your own individual talents and abilities, your own uniqueness.


What was the real danger?
How did Kylie’s gift of song help her and the other forest creatures?
If Kylie had stayed at home, what would have been the loss to herself and her friends?
What talents and abilities do you have?
What are your dreams?
What might stop you from fulfilling your dreams?

Here are some ways you can help children to appreciate their inherent worth and encourage them to develop their talents and follow their dreams:

Emphasize the value of each person’s being different.
Help children find beauty and worth in each other.
Read biographies of people who dared to dream and to follow their dreams.
Encourage children to eliminate “can’t” from their vocabularies.

Because each child is unique, the seeds of whom they may become and what they can contribute are found in the things they enjoy and dream of doing. The first step is to awaken to these sources of joy; the second is boldly to take the path in pursuit of them, to “follow your bliss,” in the words of writer and teacher Joseph Campbell.

This inspiring story will be read with excitement by children ages 5-8.

Enjoy the journey!

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