Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun for Your Child with Molly's Magic!

Just in time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Molly, the resourceful Irish pig!  Download your Kindle in seconds and start reading immediately with your 5-8 year old child or grandchild!

Find Molly's Magic by Penny Paine at this link:

Molly is a clever pig.  She can dance an Irish jig, balance a tin plate on her head, and catch a ball in midair.

But can Molly help rescue the O’Malley farm from its financial woes?  That, thinks young Miles O’Malley, would take the talents of a magician.

Molly is no magician, but her great ideas for solving problems work like magic!  This is the story of how Molly conjures carloads of tourists and sends them flocking to the rescue of the O’Malley family and their Seaside Tea Garden.

British-born author Penelope Paine has written this tale of creative thinking with humor and warmth.  And Molly’s story is wondrously illuminated by the meticulously detailed glimpses into the rural life of western Ireland – from the cozy O’Malley kitchen to the rugged countryside of County Mayo.

This story of a problem-solving pig teaches us all that adversity may sometimes be overcome with a special kind of “magic.”

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