Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrate the Season with Your Child and this Breathtakingly Illustrated eBook for the iPad

The fully illustrated eBook, TOAD IN TOWN by Linda Talley, illustrated by Itoko Maeno, is exclusively in the iTunes Bookstore for reading on the iPad.

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Journey to the English countryside and meet Winston the Toad and his friend, Victoria the Bunny, and revel in the exquisite illustrations of the flora and fauna of rural England.

Toad’s life in the English countryside is nearly perfect. He has his meadow and his brook and a familiar stone to snuggle beneath. He has grasshoppers, beetles, and bugs of all sorts to eat. He has his friends – especially his friend rabbit.

   There is no reason things shouldn’t go on forever in this same pleasant way.

   Then, one summer morning, toad is taken captive, stuffed into a boy’s pocket, and transported from his happy home. When he finally manages to make his escape, toad finds that he has hopped headlong into an altogether new and different world.

   This is the story of how toad copes with the loss of his comfortable home, old friends, and familiar ways – a story that will encourage young and old alike to greet change with optimism and good cheer.

Linda Talley’s simple narrative is beautifully illustrated by Itoko Maeno.  From moonglow over country meadows to lamplight on village cobblestones, her luminous watercolors capture toad’s town and country lives in radiant detail.

Be the first in your family to enjoy this fabulous illustrated classic eBook for children ages 5-8..

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