Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's National Library Week - Celebrate with 9 FREE Kindle eBooks!

April 4 and 5 only - download these Free Kindle eBooks at for ages 5-8.

National Library Week is coming soon!  Start your child’s or grandchild’s Kindle library with 9 FREE Character Education titles.  These are some of the most popular titles, FREE for two days only, April 4 and 5.

Just go to April 4 or April 5 and click on:

PEQUENA THE BURRO   for your free Kindle copy.

These are wonderful multicultural books with elegant writing and clear messages of self esteem, anger management, following rules, managing a bully, resisting peer pressure, setting goals, pride in heritage, and more…for children ages 5-8.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrate the Season with Your Child and this Breathtakingly Illustrated eBook for the iPad

The fully illustrated eBook, TOAD IN TOWN by Linda Talley, illustrated by Itoko Maeno, is exclusively in the iTunes Bookstore for reading on the iPad.

Find a convenient link at or go straight to

Journey to the English countryside and meet Winston the Toad and his friend, Victoria the Bunny, and revel in the exquisite illustrations of the flora and fauna of rural England.

Toad’s life in the English countryside is nearly perfect. He has his meadow and his brook and a familiar stone to snuggle beneath. He has grasshoppers, beetles, and bugs of all sorts to eat. He has his friends – especially his friend rabbit.

   There is no reason things shouldn’t go on forever in this same pleasant way.

   Then, one summer morning, toad is taken captive, stuffed into a boy’s pocket, and transported from his happy home. When he finally manages to make his escape, toad finds that he has hopped headlong into an altogether new and different world.

   This is the story of how toad copes with the loss of his comfortable home, old friends, and familiar ways – a story that will encourage young and old alike to greet change with optimism and good cheer.

Linda Talley’s simple narrative is beautifully illustrated by Itoko Maeno.  From moonglow over country meadows to lamplight on village cobblestones, her luminous watercolors capture toad’s town and country lives in radiant detail.

Be the first in your family to enjoy this fabulous illustrated classic eBook for children ages 5-8..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

FREE Children's Book for Spring Break! Travel to Miami Beach with Feathers the Gossiping Parrot!

FREE for two days only - March 19 and March 20.  Download your FREE Kindle book in seconds and start reading immediately with your 5-8 year old on spring break! It's Miami Beach at its most comical. 

Find Feathers at Las Flores by Linda Talley at this link:

People never stop talking, do they? And from his perch at Las Flores cafe, Feathers hears every word – and repeats a good deal of what he hears.

            The problem is that the words sometimes get a little jumbled up, turned around, stretched out of shape.

            That’s what happens one morning when Julio finds a ten dollar bill on the sidewalk. By the end of the day – and with the help of the talkative Feathers – Julio’s bit of good luck has grown to immense proportions – at least in the minds of the regulars at Las Flores.

            Feathers’ misadventures take place within sight of the palm trees and blue ocean waters of Miami Beach, Florida. The sunny kaleidoscope of local color and characters, and especially the multihued, madcap Feathers, brings to life the hazards of rumors and gossip in a fresh and witty way.

            Author Linda Talley’s comic story about a parrot determined to keep up his end of the conversation will remind readers of the children’s game of “gossip,” where what goes in the ear is not always what comes out of the mouth. It will give readers young and old a moment’s pause to consider the hazards of hearsay and the unreliability of rumor.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun for Your Child with Molly's Magic!

Just in time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Molly, the resourceful Irish pig!  Download your Kindle in seconds and start reading immediately with your 5-8 year old child or grandchild!

Find Molly's Magic by Penny Paine at this link:

Molly is a clever pig.  She can dance an Irish jig, balance a tin plate on her head, and catch a ball in midair.

But can Molly help rescue the O’Malley farm from its financial woes?  That, thinks young Miles O’Malley, would take the talents of a magician.

Molly is no magician, but her great ideas for solving problems work like magic!  This is the story of how Molly conjures carloads of tourists and sends them flocking to the rescue of the O’Malley family and their Seaside Tea Garden.

British-born author Penelope Paine has written this tale of creative thinking with humor and warmth.  And Molly’s story is wondrously illuminated by the meticulously detailed glimpses into the rural life of western Ireland – from the cozy O’Malley kitchen to the rugged countryside of County Mayo.

This story of a problem-solving pig teaches us all that adversity may sometimes be overcome with a special kind of “magic.”

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Chapter 8

Sanford McDonnell, Character Education Partnership: 

School shootings, academic cheating, bullying, youth violence, gangs, vandalism, drug abuse, sexual misconduct..not to mention internet misbehavior.  Well-publicized heinous and malevolent events have incited a collective hue and cry for attention to the plight of our youth and the deterioration of society.

By cultivating good character in our children and ourselves, we strengthen our families, our communities, and our world.